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How can loyalty programs improve fraud protection and achieve business goals?

Loyalty fraud is evolving. Fraudsters are getting smarter, and so must the solutions that protect brands – and loyal customers – against them.  Using artificial intelligence is no longer the future of fraud protection: it’s a critical pillar.

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Prevent loyalty rewards fraud without sacrificing customer experience

Customers expect financial institutions to have the highest level of fraud protections in place, but online fraud is constantly evolving. And while financial institutions have rigorous systems in place to prevent banking fraud, one very valuable asset is often left exposed: loyalty rewards accounts.

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Rules & Artificial Intelligence: The keys to fighting loyalty rewards fraud

Rewards points and miles hold true cash value. However, with fewer monitoring and protection measures in place than traditional bank accounts, the unfortunate reality is that loyalty reward programs are seen as easy targets by fraudsters.

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What is the True Cost of Loyalty Fraud?

Despite increasing public awareness and recent high-profile cases of fraud, loyalty programs continue to be an easy target for fraudsters, who use stolen customer identities and credentials to pilfer points and miles from loyalty program members.

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