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Backstage Pass: Meet Connexions Loyalty's Hannah White

Each quarter, we are shining the spotlight on a member of the Connexions Loyalty cast and crew. These talented performers know what it takes to create and sustain a fanbase for your brand.

Crew Member: Hannah White, Director, Product
Hannah White

Rehearsal Time: 5 years

Favorite Role: Launching the right product at the right time.

In Production: Using MotivEngine®, clients offer their customers incentives such as gift cards, merchandise and downloads at significant points of the customer lifecycle like welcoming new customers, recognizing anniversaries and remediating service problems. MotivEngine improves customer service in virtually any industry. Its proven power is now being used by auto manufacturers and airlines to help improve customer service rankings.

Coming Soon at Connexions Loyalty: We're helping clients with the growing problem of loyalty fraud. Our new fraud detection product can be a client's primary fraud solution or simply an additional checkpoint in the process.

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Backstage Pass

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