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Connexions Loyalty expands services with MasterCard

Connexions Loyalty today announced an expansion of services under its existing agreement with MasterCard Loyalty Solutions which provides global financial institutions with some of the best-in-class travel and other rewards for cardholder loyalty programs.

In late 2014 and early 2015, Connexions began its support of MasterCard Loyalty Solutions’ clients in four new markets including Brazil, Guatemala, Panama and Zimbabwe. Connexions Loyalty and MasterCard had previously partnered on loyalty solutions in the United States, Mexico, Peru and Qatar. The companies will continue to identify additional global markets for expansion in 2015 and beyond.

Connexions provides online travel rewards redemption solutions to MasterCard, including an online travel booking tool that is fully integrated with MasterCard’s Rewards Solution so issuing banks can utilize it as a component of their reward programs. The tool gives cardholders access to a full-service travel website with easy-to-use search options, highly competitive airfares to exciting destinations and a prepaid inventory of hotel and resort rates worldwide.  Cardholders can select destination activities and tours with more than 10,000 options in over 400 destinations worldwide, and save trip histories and travel profiles for future reference.

Connexions also provides gift cards for reward fulfillment, with access to over 1,300 gift card options from over 200 merchants.

“Since 2005, we have been proud to collaborate with MasterCard Loyalty Solutions in the incentives and rewards redemption space,” said Scott Lazear, Connexions Loyalty’s President. “We are happy with the recent expansion and look forward to partnering with MasterCard in eight countries across four continents.  Together, we will provide financial institutions and their customers with loyalty programs to meet their individual needs.”

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