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Connexions Loyalty extends health and wellness offerings

Connexions Loyalty, a leading provider of loyalty and rewards programs, is applying its lessons learned from the loyalty and rewards space to help improve employee participation in health and wellness programs.  By offering proven incentives, including merchandise, gift cards and digital downloads – in a space dominated by less tangible benefits like insurance premium refunds – program administrators now have the necessary tools to drive long-term engagement and lasting behavioral change in their organizations.

With thousands of dollars being spent per employee on rising health care costs, a thriving workplace wellness program can help cut down on those hard costs. Investing money in a health and wellness program can also lead to better employee performance and lower absenteeism. Employees are the most valuable assets to any company and improving their overall well-being and job satisfaction will have a direct impact on the success of a company.

Regardless of whether a company is helping its employees quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more, eat better, or just become more educated about their health, Connexions can help provide the motivation required to create change.

Free White Paper: How to Keep Your Employees Healthy and Motivated

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