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HealthPrize Technologies partners with Connexions Loyalty

HealthPrize Technologies, a leading digital health company leveraging gaming dynamics, rewards and education with the goal of improving medication adherence today announced an agreement with Connexions Loyalty that builds upon Connexions’ industry leading rewards platform.  The companies will partner to give pharmaceutical companies access to a wide array of benefits that can be used to reward and motivate patients to take their medication as prescribed.

The partnership allows HealthPrize to expand its ability to offer benefits to pharmaceutical companies by greatly enhancing the end-user experience for patients through a richer and more diverse set of rewards.  For Connexions, the partnership opens up new distribution channels for its rewards and incentives while continuing to demonstrate the powerful motivational impact of points-based rewards programs.

HealthPrize runs programs for pharmaceutical brands treating a variety of health conditions. The platform has proven to boost adherence rates—the mean number of prescription fills per patient relative to the brand’s baseline fill rate—by a factor of two for some conditions.  HealthPrize is the only medication adherence company that offers verification of every prescription fill and it empowers pharmaceutical companies to reward patients who accumulate points for a variety of activities. These activities can include reporting their daily medication adherence or filling their prescriptions. Additional forms of engagement are also rewarded with points, including points for the completion of weekly educational quizzes and market research surveys as well as the enjoyment of daily health tips. Patients also compete in sweepstakes and leaderboard competitions. Points are redeemed in the Rewards Mall, which will be managed by Connexions.

“Our partnership with Connexions will enable HealthPrize to advance our patient engagement and adherence rewards programs to an unprecedented degree,” explains John Ragland, HealthPrize’s Chief Product Officer. “The high level of professional support provided by Connexions, along with their ability to align their rewards offering with the unique healthcare-related business requirements we face will support our continued growth both in the US and globally.”

“HealthPrize has developed a groundbreaking patient engagement platform that is designed to dramatically boost adherence rates in a range of chronic conditions driving improved patient health,” said Scott Lazear, President of Connexions Loyalty. “Our engagement and fulfillment engine, Exceed Wellness Suite, offers a full range of services including member engagement, an extensive range of rewards and fulfillment capabilities. We deliver rewards including gift cards, merchandise, airline tickets, hotel and car bookings, and one-of-a-kind experiences from the biggest brands in the business tailored to the needs of the Pharmaceutical customer all through an intuitive shopping experience. This kind of offering provides patients with a host of exciting rewards to drive the desired behavioral outcome.

By bringing together the leader in medication adherence and the leader in rewards we are driving the industry forward by providing the best experience possible for Pharmaceutical companies and consumers, improving adherence and ultimately improving health outcomes.”

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