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How a travel leader motivates customers and saves millions

The Company

An international travel industry leader serving 180 million customers worth $40 billion annually across more than 300 locations, making them the largest industry player by both asset value and market capitalization.

The Challenge

In the highly competitive and ever-changing travel industry, companies often need to adjust previously booked customer itineraries. In these instances, the customer experience can easily go awry. Proactively motivating customers to make schedule adjustments can help them feel rewarded, turning a potentially negative situation into a positive one. When a travel provider creates these positive interactions, they build trust, retain loyal customers and can celebrate their customer-centric flexibility and accommodation.

Facing less-than-ideal scores on an industry report, this international travel leader turned to Connexions to help solve this challenge: how could the company motivate its customers in a way that keeps them loyal and happy – before issues requiring customer mitigation occur?

The Solution

Having piloted MotivEngine over three years and six locations, the travel industry leader rolled this functionality out to more than 300 locations worldwide and extended MotivEngine to address customer motivation.

Given that this travel leader had previously experienced success implementing our MotivEngine product within its customer care department, Connexions worked with them to extend this solution to its customer service agents who address adjustments to travel itineraries and other points of customer friction.

To do this, MotivEngine was integrated into the company’s customer service process. Agents are able to easily deploy pre-determined compensation values to the customer, while allowing the customer to choose how they want to be compensated, whether it’s a gift card or an eCertificate.

The Results

The MotivEngine expansion in the company’s customer service department has reduced the average individual compensation value by around $30. This was more than originally anticipated, helping achieve the goal of overall cost reduction (in this case, in the realm of $20 million).


Incentive Manager Demo

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