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Loyalty industry leaders launch Connexions Loyalty

The Affinion Group announced earlier today that its two well-known loyalty solution brands, Affinion Loyalty Group and Connexions Loyalty Travel Solutions, have rebranded to become Connexions Loyalty, as the result of an integration that began in 2010. Leveraging the experience, strengths and capabilities of what had been discrete brands, Connexions Loyalty brings together the best elements from each brand into a simpler, more powerful brand identity. Under this front, the company intends to enhance Connexions Loyalty’s reputation as the premier provider of loyalty solutions for organizations in the financial services, travel, health insurance, and hospitality industries that use rewards to incent and drive consumer behavior.

“Today begins a new chapter for the company, one that reflects our combined heritage and competencies,” said Scott Lazear, president of Connexions Loyalty. “We are excited that, with today’s announcement, we are now able to present a unified brand identity, message and platform to our clients, which include many of the world’s best known businesses.”

Rewards programs have become increasingly popular, with points having overtaken the U.S. dollar as the single largest currency in the world. Last year alone, customers redeemed points worth more than $2 billion in transactions through Connexions Loyalty’s platform, for services including travel, gift cards and merchandise.

“By moving to a common brand identity, Connexions Loyalty is now positioned to leverage our expertise to begin rapid expansion of our highly successful business, both with our current customers and in new markets,” continued Lazear. “We will utilize our full experience in providing loyalty solutions to create and provide products that are extremely targeted and relevant to customers in both our existing and new geographies and industries.”

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