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Rewards fulfillment: An opportunity to delight your customers

Rewards fulfillment occurs from the time rewards members hit “redeem” to the time they receive their reward – a process that can make or break a customer’s experience with your brand.

Imagine you’re a loyal customer who has saved up points to buy a gift card from your favorite store or restaurant. But when you receive your gift card, it’s for a lesser amount or the wrong brand. Or worse, after redeeming, weeks go by and you haven’t received your reward. You call and are transferred to multiple vendors who can’t tell you where it ended up or the status. Suddenly, a program that was designed to delight your loyal customers instead just soured their relationship with your brand.

But thankfully, there are ways to avoid this scenario, and even turn rewards fulfillment into an opportunity to surprise and delight your customers. Here are some of our best tips:

  1. Visibility. Providing a way for both your customers and your business to track rewards from the time your customer redeems to when they receive the actual reward is crucial to fulfillment. Consider tying the reward to the customer’s profile and working with your shipping company to track the shipment once the reward has left your facilities. 
  2. Speed.  Turnaround time on rewards fulfillment should be fast--gift card requests should be fulfilled and sent out within two days. Imagine how surprised and delighted your customers will be when they receive their reward much faster than they expected. That’s what you should aim for.
  3. Privacy.  It’s not uncommon for rewards providers to outsource fulfillment for labor and cost savings. However, these benefits are significantly outweighed by the huge risk of sending critical data – like customers’ names, addresses and other confidential information – to another party. Because of potential risks – whether from companies selling customer data to third parties to identity theft – it’s important to work with whomever is handling your fulfillment process to ensure your customers’ data is safe.
  4. Personalization.  It’s critical to show valuable customers how much their loyalty means to your business. As loyalty experts, we understand that, and so we recommend taking the time to personalize the gift card rewards you send your customers. A branded letter from the loyalty program and a personalized note thanking these loyal customers for their business can go a long way to enhancing their experience with your brand.

Taking a holistic approach to rewards fulfillment can reduce errors and even provides another opportunity for a positive experience with your brand. At Connexions, we’re proud to own every step of the fulfillment process for our partners. As loyalty rewards experts, we understand the importance of customer experience and the role rewards fulfillment plays in that experience.

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