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The Art of Loyalty

At Connexions, loyalty is embedded in our DNA and we’re always looking for innovative and creative tell the stories of loyalty — both internally and outside of our organization. This deep knowledge of the world of loyalty informs everything we do, including how we find solutions to our clients’ challenges and even how we hire interns.

This summer, we were fortunate to work with Breann Dick, an art student at Virginia Commonwealth University who interned at our Richmond office from June to August. We tasked her with illustrating loyalty in any way she wanted to. She blew us away with this beautiful painting.

Below, Breann shares her thoughts on the experience of bringing this moment of loyalty to life.

The Art of Loyalty was a defining moment for me as a professional artist. This project was unique because I wasn’t just doing a commissioned piece to hang on the wall; I was working in a corporate environment, merging art and commerce. We set up a studio in an empty office and as I worked, people came by to observe the painting’s progress.

I began the project by researching “golden moments” of loyalty, which is typically when a customer is able to redeem their points. I saw many great examples, such as taking an anniversary vacation, donating a goat to a family in need, getting the perfect tires for a vintage car, and even finding a special bike for a man’s blind daughter. Loyalty programs can bring such joy and gifts into people’s lives — it was hard to choose what to depict.

The woman in the painting is experiencing this “golden moment.” Her son was able to fly her to see her grandchildren for Christmas using his points from a loyalty program, and what we are seeing in the painting is the afterglow of this trip as she writes a letter to them, fondly reminiscing. She is surrounded by the many photographs that offer glimpses into the love she has for her family. The expression on her face is so genuine and telling. I have always loved painting portraiture, the face is the first thing I will paint in any piece I do. Her actions are simple, yet they say so much. It is not often that we sit down and write a letter, when we are a phone call or a text away, but reverting back to a simple form of communication can be so meaningful.

It was a pleasure to work with Connexions on this project. Everyone was so passionate about the project from the ideation to seeing it all come together, which is so refreshing in a corporate environment. I am excited to see what they do in the future with The Art of Loyalty as it grows and expands.

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