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Controlling risk and optimizing performance through data-driven decisions

Every decision an organization makes has a cost – whether it’s as commonplace as sending email A or email B or as pivotal as choosing between multi-million-dollar software solutions. And while there’s no single right way to come to those decisions, program managers and executives open themselves up to inherent vulnerability when making strictly intuition-based decisions. When reinforced by data and analytics, however, decisions can be made on insight and sound guidance without relying on intuition alone.

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How to tell a story with your loyalty program data

Nearly all organizations do some kind of analysis or reporting that leverages data. As an outcome, countless decks are produced containing a myriad of charts and graphs, showcasing diverse metrics and results – but only some of them provide useful and actionable analysis that clearly and convincingly articulate “the story” behind those data points such that a broad audience can understand what they mean and act upon their valuable insights.

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Three misleading loyalty reward metrics

Loyalty program managers are often tasked with pulling together results decks and creating compelling charts and graphs to show off the health of their program. When done correctly, these reports can help tell the story of your work and provide insight into how to set your program up for success.

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Using data to promote rewards spend

It’s no secret financial institutions have access to a wealth of information on their customers.

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