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Activity-based rewards are more than just ‘nice to have’

What if a specific type of reward could create the ultimate travel experience, one that’s exciting, memorable, something your customers have never experienced before? Would you consider it a nice-to-have or need-to-have?

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The Art of Loyalty – Episode 5: The Painting

In our final episode of the Art of Loyalty series, we show you how it all comes together. If you’re new to the series you can catch up on episodes one through four here. In this video we reveal the final painting and hear Breann and our Connexions team reflect on their experience with the project.

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The Art of Loyalty – Episode 3: Experiences

Continuing our Art of Loyalty series (you can catch up on part one and part two here), we take a closer look at the parallels between experiencing art, experiencing that golden moment of loyalty and the journey that happens in each.

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The Art of Loyalty - Episode 2: Art & Commerce

 In part one, we introduced our Art of Loyalty project and the process we established to help Breann convey the meaning of loyalty.  In this second video in the series, we delve a bit deeper into the intersection of art and commerce. We chat with Jorge Benitez, an art professor at Virginia Commonwealth University about the tradition of patronage in the arts.

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The Art of Loyalty

At Connexions, loyalty is embedded in our DNA and we’re always looking for innovative and creative tell the stories of loyalty — both internally and outside of our organization. This deep knowledge of the world of loyalty informs everything we do, including how we find solutions to our clients’ challenges and even how we hire interns.

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3 tips to keep up with loyalty member expectations

Mobile devices enable users to be more connected than ever. As of 2015, two-thirds of Americans owned a smartphone, a number that will undoubtedly grow in 2016. Consumers can connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. And they expect the same from brands and loyalty programs: they want to check their rewards points in line at the grocery store and chat with reps who can answer questions almost instantly.

Immediacy is no longer the goal; it’s the expectation. And loyalty programs that can offer real-time one-to-one communication will win.

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Rewards fulfillment: An opportunity to delight your customers

Rewards fulfillment occurs from the time rewards members hit “redeem” to the time they receive their reward – a process that can make or break a customer’s experience with your brand.

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The secrets behind a successful travel rewards program

The basics

Travel rewards encompass everything from airline tickets and hotel stays to cruises, activities (think rock-climbing or hot-air balloon rides) and other ancillary services like room or airline upgrades. Travel rewards aren’t solely for travel and hospitality brands like airlines and hotels, however. While many hotels have travel-themed rewards programs, these offerings are a good fit for most any rewards suite — from retail to banking.

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Rewards Shield: Balancing security & preserving customer experience

In recent years Hannah White has become something of a loyalty fraud aficionado. In fact, over the course of a 45-minute interview for this story, she admits that she probably has enough material to talk about loyalty fraud for an entire day. 

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Four cost-free moves you can make now to protect against loyalty fraud

Loyalty fraud is a real and growing threat, and it’s only getting worse. Airlines, financial services firms and retailers are falling victim to cyber-thieves, who, in the face of highly secured financial systems, are moving on to points and miles programs that are typically more exposed and at greater risk. 

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