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Industry insights on service recovery

There are a variety of metrics organizations use to determine how their loyalty programs are running. Some program managers may look at industry report cards, others evaluate reward consumption or purchases made following a service remediation. If your organization is looking to revisit its customer service remediation program, arm yourself with insights that may help your program be more effective.

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VIDEO: How do companies compensate customers after service issues?

Let’s face it, no matter how hard organizations try to prevent it, at some point even your best customers are likely to experience less-than-perfect customer service. While there should be considerable focus on constantly improving customer service, determining how to best atone for those missteps also deserves your attention. Ask yourself, what’s the best way to compensate customers at that critical time when they – and your brand – need it the most?

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Turn bad customer experiences into retention opportunities

We all make mistakes, and while most people believe that everyone deserves a second chance, brands often find that a single foul-up can result in the loss of a customer. So how can your organization fight that response? In our latest survey, we set out to answer that question, and, in particular, the role compensation plays in customer recovery.

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Customer mitigation: The economics of choice

One trillion dollars. Well, $1.6 trillion to be exact. That’s the estimated loss from customers switching to another company due to poor service, according to research from Accenture. Keeping customers happy -- and loyal! – isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s essential in protecting your bottom line.

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Travel industry leader reinvents the customer experience

The Company

An international travel industry leader serving 180 million customers annually in more than 300 locations, the company’s annual revenues top $40 billion, making it the largest player in the industry by both asset value and market capitalization.

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Why is choice essential to effective service mitigation?

Customer service agents – from operations managers to call center supervisors – all want to provide efficient, quick mitigation after a poor experience. Cross-departmental teams seek to hit service metrics around customer complaints and achieve industry service rankings in hopes of retaining their most loyal customers. But what if your organization’s mitigation efforts aren’t actually working to achieve those scores or retain loyal customers? Despite the fact that your efforts are standard practice in your business or industry, it’s possible that your customers may not agree that you are, in fact, effectively mitigating their problems.

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Is your customer recovery effective?

Mistakes happen in life and in business. Regardless of top-notch products, systems and procedures, training and good intentions, poor customer experiences are inevitable. While businesses can’t always undo or fix that bad experience, they can do their best to not only apologize but mitigate the situation through a customer recovery effort.

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Using data to promote rewards spend

It’s no secret financial institutions have access to a wealth of information on their customers.

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Activity-based rewards are more than just ‘nice to have’

What if a specific type of reward could create the ultimate travel experience, one that’s exciting, memorable, something your customers have never experienced before? Would you consider it a nice-to-have or need-to-have?

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Why the sharing economy is winning with consumers

The sharing economy – aka peer-to-peer or collaborative consumption – has changed the way consumers purchase goods and services. Instead of buying from traditional institutions or businesses, consumers are buying what they want or need from other individuals: from bike rentals to ride sharing to running errands. 

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