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Case Studies: Top financial institutions protect loyal customers from rewards fraud

Loyalty program members, especially those in the financial services industry, expect those companies to guard their personal information in the most robust way possible. And while 72 percent of loyalty program managers report experiencing fraud, many are challenged to build a case internally for this type of protection. 

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Using data to promote rewards spend

It’s no secret financial institutions have access to a wealth of information on their customers.

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Whitepaper: Detecting & Preventing Loyalty Fraud

Two hundred and thirty-eight billion dollars. That’s the estimate of total outstanding value of all the rewards and loyalty programs in the U.S. It’s a gigantic figure, so much so that it has caught the attention of folks who wouldn’t mind cashing in on all those points – other people’s points that is.

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Connexions Loyalty expands services with MasterCard

Connexions Loyalty today announced an expansion of services under its existing agreement with MasterCard Loyalty Solutions which provides global financial institutions with some of the best-in-class travel and other rewards for cardholder loyalty programs.

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