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Industry insights on service recovery

There are a variety of metrics organizations use to determine how their loyalty programs are running. Some program managers may look at industry report cards, others evaluate reward consumption or purchases made following a service remediation. If your organization is looking to revisit its customer service remediation program, arm yourself with insights that may help your program be more effective.

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Turn bad customer experiences into retention opportunities

We all make mistakes, and while most people believe that everyone deserves a second chance, brands often find that a single foul-up can result in the loss of a customer. So how can your organization fight that response? In our latest survey, we set out to answer that question, and, in particular, the role compensation plays in customer recovery.

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Customer mitigation: The economics of choice

By: Sue Stone

One trillion dollars. Well, $1.6 trillion to be exact. That’s the estimated loss from customers switching to another company due to poor service, according to research from Accenture. Keeping customers happy -- and loyal! – isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s essential in protecting your bottom line.

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Travel industry leader reinvents the customer experience

The Company

An international travel industry leader serving 180 million customers annually in more than 300 locations, the company’s annual revenues top $40 billion, making it the largest player in the industry by both asset value and market capitalization.

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Backstage Pass: Meet Connexions Loyalty's Hannah White

Each quarter, we are shining the spotlight on a member of the Connexions Loyalty cast and crew. These talented performers know what it takes to create and sustain a fanbase for your brand.

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Non-cash incentives drive participation and engagement

Incentives are certainly ubiquitous. According to the Incentive Federation’s “Incentive Market Study,” nearly three-quarters of U.S. businesses use non-cash rewards to recognize and reward key audiences in the form of incentive travel, merchandise or gift cards, spending $76.9 billion per year on those rewards.

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The 4 Ps of customer experience: Purpose

We’re entrenched in the experience economy – consumers expect experiences that meet them wherever they are.

Chuck Christianson, Senior Vice President of Sales, Account Management & Client Solutions at Connexions Loyalty, recently spoke about this topic at the SIFMA Asset Management Account Roundtable. SIFMA, the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, represents hundreds of securities firms, banks and asset managers.

For marketers, there are four critical elements inherent in any good customer experience: people, products, purpose and passion. Read more as we explore these new 4 Ps as a four-part series over the coming weeks. Here’s part 3…

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Creating brand loyalty: Incentives beyond price

In today’s fast-paced world, customers have higher expectations, less brand loyalty, and a larger network to share their experience with a brand than ever before. A recent Ernst & Young study shows that only 25 percent of Americans were brand loyal in 2012.

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