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Corporate wellness programs: What's working and what's not

Recently, our SVP Chuck Christianson along with Healthper Chairman and CEO, David Lenihan led a webinar – “Motivated Wellness” – to discuss health and wellness trends, identify the hallmarks of a healthy corporate wellness program and highlight what motivates employee sign-ups and engagement (hint: tangible rewards are key). If you missed the webinar, here are a few key takeaways:

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Wellness programs: What motivates employees?

Mark Nyquist, Vice President of Product, Health and Wellness, at Connexions Loyalty and Erick Hathorn, President at Frederick C. Hathorn & Associates, participated in a webinar designed to provide information and insights for how to drive participation in health and wellness programs. With more than 30 years of experience as an incentives leader, Connexions Loyalty knows that adding incentives to your health and wellness program leads to more engaged employees.

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TriWellness partners with Connexions Loyalty

TriWellness, a leading provider in superior workplace health solutions today announced its partnership with Connexions Loyalty, a leading provider of incentives and rewards programs, that will allow its clients to increase employee engagement in their wellness programs by offering participants an opportunity to earn exciting incentives that can be redeemed through a rewards fulfillment mall.

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