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Video toolkit: Ancillary travel, loyalty rewards and incentives

You may not know this, but Connexions Loyalty produces premium video content for those of us who prefer to watch and listen when gathering new ancillary travel and loyalty program information.

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One-stop shop for all things ancillary travel and loyalty rewards

Who doesn’t love an arsenal of information at their fingertips? Over the years, Connexions Loyalty has generated a plethora of information – everything from understanding consumers’ preferences to helping brands combat the growing threat of loyalty fraud.

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Travel industry leader reinvents the customer experience

The Company

An international travel industry leader serving 180 million customers annually in more than 300 locations, the company’s annual revenues top $40 billion, making it the largest player in the industry by both asset value and market capitalization.

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5 questions to help airlines find the right ancillary travel provider

Airlines with frequent flier programs are focused on customers and profits. Profitability can come from a variety of revenue streams: better margins, higher attachment rates or more redemption options that incentivize members to earn and burn points.

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Airlines: 5 questions to answer before hiring a new travel rewards provider

Rewards and frequent flier programs carry massive monetary value for airlines. A strong travel rewards program increases customer loyalty while generating revenue. But, if your rewards member base isn’t growing or points and miles aren’t being spent, it may be time to look for a new provider.

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Activity-based rewards are more than just ‘nice to have’

What if a specific type of reward could create the ultimate travel experience, one that’s exciting, memorable, something your customers have never experienced before? Would you consider it a nice-to-have or need-to-have?

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VIDEO – Increase ancillary travel attachments among Millennials

To help brands increase ancillary travel attachments, Connexions Loyalty partnered with research company Ipsos to survey a specific demographic: Millennials.

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3 questions to ask potential travel inventory partners

Revenue. It’s why airlines buy hotel rooms and travel agencies add ancillary products and providers. To generate revenue, travel inventory suppliers must be able to provide:

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INFOGRAPHIC: Inside the American ancillary travel market

Ancillary travel inventory – the add-ons available to consumers during and after the point of purchase – presents a real opportunity for brands to not only drive revenue, but also to deepen their relationship with consumers by presenting personalized offers. In our most recent survey of American online travel bookers, we learned that 21 percent have not made an ancillary purchase in the past, but would be interested in doing so on future bookings. 

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VIDEO: Target Millennials to increase ancillary travel attachments

Connexions Loyalty partnered with Ipsos to learn what online travel purchasers think about ancillary products like hotels, car rentals, restaurant reservations, tours and event tickets. To help brands increase these types of travel add-ons, we took a deep dive into a specific demographic: Millennials.

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