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How do companies compensate customers after service issues?

VIDEO: How do companies compensate customers after service issues?

Let’s face it, no matter how hard organizations try to prevent it, at some point even your best customers are likely to experience less-than-perfect customer service. While there should be considerable focus on constantly improving customer service, determining how to best atone for those missteps also deserves your attention. Ask yourself, what’s the best way to compensate customers at that critical time when they – and your brand – need it the most?

Our latest survey sheds light on how brands respond to negative experiences and the impact of their customer service recovery efforts. Among the findings worth pointing out:

  • Only 33 percent of Americans receive compensation during a negative customer service experience.
  • To garner real loyalty, customers need to feel that the compensation offered is genuine and sympathetic to the experience.
  • When appropriately compensated, 90 percent of Americans will continue to do business with an organization after a negative experience.

Chief Commercial Officer Chuck Christianson explains more in our latest video.



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