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Wellness programs: What motivates employees?

Mark Nyquist, Vice President of Product, Health and Wellness, at Connexions Loyalty and Erick Hathorn, President at Frederick C. Hathorn & Associates, participated in a webinar designed to provide information and insights for how to drive participation in health and wellness programs. With more than 30 years of experience as an incentives leader, Connexions Loyalty knows that adding incentives to your health and wellness program leads to more engaged employees.






 In this webinar, Connexions examines the importance of healthcare sustainability and why we must shift the way we think in terms of healthcare. Results from a blind study on health and wellness programs, conducted by an independent, third party research firm, were released. This study surveyed employees who are participating in their employer’s wellness program, as well as those who are not currently participating. The webinar focuses on the significance of providing incentives and what types of incentives can be used to help increase employee enthusiasm and generate long-term engagement in your health and wellness program.

Free White Paper: How to Keep Your Employees Healthy and Motivated

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