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Fostering an engaging customer experience

Making Connexions: Meet Heidi Erdman

How emotional motivators boost loyalty and drive customer lifetime value

Prioritizing customer experience and saving millions

5 ways to improve your customer relationships

Loyalty managers: Look for consumer insights beyond the data

Controlling risk and optimizing performance through data-driven decisions

How a travel leader motivates customers and saves millions

Making Connexions: Meet Rachel Bicking

Navigating new airline ticket categories: How OpenBook℠ optimizes the shopping experience for your loyal customers

How to tell a story with your loyalty program data

Retaining FI Customers and Driving Brand Loyalty

Connexions Loyalty and Tavisca Solutions join forces to deliver best-in-class loyalty travel solutions for clients

Connexions Loyalty opens new state-of-the-art customer service center in Tulsa, OK

Making Connexions: Meet Ashok Pinto

Three misleading loyalty reward metrics

Video toolkit: Ancillary travel, loyalty rewards and incentives

Five steps to handling a negative social media post

Successful customer service processes and your bottom line

Industry insights on service recovery

VIDEO: How do companies compensate customers after service issues?

One-stop shop for all things ancillary travel and loyalty rewards

Turn bad customer experiences into retention opportunities

Customer mitigation: The economics of choice

Travel industry leader reinvents the customer experience

Why is choice essential to effective service mitigation?

What to do when a data breach hits your organization

Is your customer recovery effective?

How to protect yourself after data breaches

The cost of loyalty accounts on the Dark Web & how to protect members

How the Dark Web Marketplace contributes to loyalty fraud

Loyalty fraud: Protecting your most loyal customers

The Dark Web: What loyalty program managers need to know

How much will loyalty fraud cost your organization?

How can loyalty programs improve fraud protection and achieve business goals?

Arming a Fortune 500 Regional Bank to Fight Fraud in its Customer Loyalty Program

After loyalty fraud, how do customers react?

How much could loyalty fraud cost my organization?

5 questions to help airlines find the right ancillary travel provider

Prevent loyalty rewards fraud without sacrificing customer experience

Rules & Artificial Intelligence: The keys to fighting loyalty rewards fraud

Case Studies: Top financial institutions protect loyal customers from rewards fraud

Loyalty fraud has its own vocabulary. Here are the terms you should know.

What is the True Cost of Loyalty Fraud?

Airlines: 5 questions to answer before hiring a new travel rewards provider

Increasing redemptions: Looking beyond typical loyalty rewards

Using data to promote rewards spend

Activity-based rewards are more than just ‘nice to have’

VIDEO – Increase ancillary travel attachments among Millennials

3 questions to ask potential travel inventory partners

INFOGRAPHIC: Inside the American ancillary travel market

VIDEO: Target Millennials to increase ancillary travel attachments

Connexions Loyalty opens new customer service center in Tulsa

Consumer survey: Increase Millennial ancillary travel attachments

Why the sharing economy is winning with consumers

CAPI: One API to aggregate travel inventory from multiple suppliers

Sharing economy disrupts two major areas of travel

Consumer survey: Increasing ancillary travel attachments

Consumer travel survey: Ancillary purchase behavior

How travel brands can keep up with today’s savvy consumers

The Art of Loyalty – Episode 5: The Painting

The Art of Loyalty – Episode 4: Opportunities

The Art of Loyalty – Episode 3: Experiences

The Art of Loyalty - Episode 2: Art & Commerce

The Art of Loyalty

How travel helps brands stay top-of-wallet

Get more from your travel rewards RFP

How to market travel rewards to 50% of the U.S. population

The Rise of Loyalty Rewards Fraud

Millennial & boomer travel experiences: Key similarities, differences

Take the friction out of air travel to win customers, build loyalty

5 Key Traits of Top Travel Rewards Programs

3 tips to keep up with loyalty member expectations

Business lessons from behind the three-point line

5 travel trends loyalty program managers need to know

New travel product: TSA PreCheck makes travel easier

Rewards fulfillment: An opportunity to delight your customers

Travel rewards program lagging? Maybe it’s your marketing

Rewards best practices: A guide to seasonally updating rewards

Tips to stay ahead of consumer rewards trends

Gift card rewards: Give the people what they want

What to look for in a rewards program partner

The secrets behind a successful travel rewards program

Rewards Shield: Balancing security & preserving customer experience

Four cost-free moves you can make now to protect against loyalty fraud

Loyalty rewards: As good as cash – but not treated that way

9 loyalty & rewards program metrics you should be tracking

Whitepaper: Detecting & Preventing Loyalty Fraud

Is your loyalty program hurting your brand? 4 indicators that it might

Combating loyalty fraud

Are your customers loyal? 5 ways to gauge brand loyalty

Should your brand join a loyalty coalition?

4 Ways to breathe new life into your tired loyalty program

A closer look at Plenti: the first U.S. loyalty coalition

Loyalty Coalitions 101: the what, who, how and why

3 Tips to improve your loyalty program

Connexions Partners with Brazilian Loyalty Coalition, Smiles S.A.

Is your health and wellness program coercive?

Leveraging your wellness program to attract young talent

Tips for 5-Star Loyalty Program Managers

Are hackers targeting your customers' miles and loyalty accounts?

Corporate wellness programs: What's working and what's not

Is your loyalty program a hacker’s next target?

The secret to an effective corporate wellness program

Report: Key factors influencing the airline travel industry

Backstage Pass: Meet Connexions Loyalty's Hannah White

Backstage Pass: Meet Wendi Hampshire

Connexions Loyalty moving to Henrico’s Innsbrook Corporate Center

Connexions Loyalty expands services with MasterCard

How an "experience economy" shapes the future of loyalty

LifeMiles selects Connexions Loyalty to provide enhanced benefits

HealthPrize Technologies partners with Connexions Loyalty

Connexions Loyalty acquires SkyMall Ventures

Wellness programs: What motivates employees?

TriWellness partners with Connexions Loyalty

The journey to customer advocacy: An evolution in loyalty

Millennial travelers: How to attract economic rising stars

The key is under the mat: A lesson in exceptional customer service

Connexions Loyalty presents "new loyalty currency” at Card Forum

Non-cash incentives drive participation and engagement

Connexions Loyalty exhibits at World Health Care Congress

'Gratisfaction' - the holy grail of customer loyalty

Connexions Loyalty partners with Healthper, Inc.

Redefining how loyal customers use credit card benefits

Connexions Loyalty partners with healthcare consultants

Connexions Loyalty extends health and wellness offerings

Kula Causes and Connexions: Empowering cause-savvy customers

Campaigns to increase credit card spend: Elite Rewards case study

Point-of-sale rewards: Many moving parts

Point-of-sale rewards redemption: Real value or too expensive?

Connexions Loyalty earns top 15 travel agency ranking

The 4 Ps of customer experience: Passion

The 4 Ps of customer experience: Purpose

The 4 Ps of customer experience: Products

The 4 Ps of customer experience: People

Creating brand loyalty: Incentives beyond price

Connexions Loyalty attends Card Forum 2013

Connexions Loyalty Attends Card Forum & Expo

Loyalty industry leaders launch Connexions Loyalty

Using the elements of experience to improve customer engagement

Travel trends in 2013

Loyalty in the Mobile Wallet

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