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CAPI: One API to aggregate travel inventory from multiple suppliers

Customers want the best travel inventory at the best prices. For travel resellers, that means providing access to multiple content distribution channels, providing a wealth of inventory and pricing options. But that’s often easier said than done. Scaling up requires multiple APIs to collect and interpret data, and all too often, it can result in strained IT resources, longer lag times and duplicate inventory results.  

But there’s a straightforward solution: consider implementing a single API that can aggregate travel inventory from many different channels and travel industry partners. Using a single API has many benefits, not least of which includes alleviating some of the aforementioned challenges, including saving time, cost and resources. Of course, I’m partial to our own API, but no matter which one you may choose, the benefits can be substantial. 


Connexions API

CAPI is an industry-leading API that provides travel inventory from thousands of content sources.  This multi-supplier aggregator model provides the best travel content in a single, flexible API, and it allows access to a range of travel options: 

  • Hotel – 550,000 unique price points across 200,000 unique properties
  • Car – preferred rates with all major rental companies in 195 countries
  • Activities – more than 15,000 activities in 400 locations worldwide


Your website, our travel inventory

CAPI collects and dispenses inventory offered by hundreds of content sources, allowing your brand to then access and display the best inventory the travel Industry has to offer to end users in whichever way your brand chooses. Leveraging Connexions Loyalty’s massive booking power, CAPI is able to sort and return the best travel options across all of its suppliers: 

  • Best prices – CAPI parses data from its multiple suppliers to return inventory options with the best prices across all providers
  • Best hotel descriptions – The CAPI solution offers industry leading content, empowering your customers to make the most informed decisions possible
  • De-duplicating listings – CAPI de-dupes all records to ensure accurate data and listings


Flexible solutions for branded customer experiences

While Connexions has the capability to create a complete, white label travel website for its clients, CAPI is a flexible solution for those that simply want to connect to Connexions’ breadth of inventory. 

By connecting with CAPI, brands maintain complete control over their customer experience. CAPI is flexible and can be geared toward achieving specific travel customer experience goals. Where response time is most important, CAPI can be customized to provide supplier data in a specified time range. That means that if you want your end user’s hotel responses in under 15 seconds, CAPI can be configured to show all data and results that have been returned in 13 seconds to ensure your goals are met. 

Pairing standard technology with leading capabilities

Aside from its wealth of inventory options, CAPI is an intuitive and user-friendly API connector. Its seamless integration and faster response times are the result of pairing standard technology with innovative capabilities: 

  • JSON objects – data is easy to parse and place on a webpage, keeping response times low
  • REST protocol – doesn’t require special parsing of URLs, making data calling simple and seamless
  • Cloud services – provides easier, more scalable deployments, resulting in faster data transmission
  • Amazon web services – allows data to be accessed from server sets anywhere in the world, meaning less lag time for customers than if they were connecting to a single static data center to search inventory around the world
  • A single integration point – means no need to code a new set of services


As the largest loyalty travel fulfillment agency, Connexions has direct relationships with thousands of leading brands to offer real-time global travel inventory. And since Connexions doesn’t run a direct to consumer travel site, our focus is solely on showcasing our clients’ brands, meaning we don’t compete for travel consumers. Connexions is the brand behind your brand.

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