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Consumer survey: Increasing ancillary travel attachments

Travel ancillaries are a major revenue generator, but encouraging travel add-ons isn’t always an easy task. To help travel brands develop a strategy for increasing ancillary travel bookings, Connexions Loyalty partnered with Ipsos to learn what online travel purchasers think about ancillary products like hotels, rental cars, travel insurances, flight upgrades and activities.

The survey asked questions about the time periods during which consumers prefer to purchase ancillary travel content and which audiences are most likely to do so. The findings reveal key insights about purchasers’ behaviors and motivations, as well as non-purchasers’ hesitancies and future purchase plans. Among the surprising findings, we found that…

  • Men are more likely to add most ancillary categories
  • 76 percent of online travel purchasers add sporting event tickets always or often

In the study, 37 percent of respondents say they have never bought ancillary products and services when booking travel online, and only 16 percent of those indicated that they wouldn’t be likely to purchase any in the future. This remaining 21 percent of online shoppers present a significant opportunity to convert potential customers who have never added ancillary travel services, but are willing to do so.

Drive first-time purchasers and increase attachment rates

To convert first-time ancillary purchasers and increase attachment rates among current customers, brands must first ask, “Who is purchasing what, when and why?” Our consumer travel ancillary study reveals:

  • The travel content and categories that drive the most attachments
  • The type of booking that is most likely to result in an attachment
  • The timing of when brands should be making ancillary offers
  • The common hesitancies or objections to travel ancillary attachments
  • The different travel preferences for men, women and different age groups
  • The major similarities and differences among Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers

Give the people what they want

Increasing attachment rates requires a targeted segmentation strategy. Brands must promote the right ancillary offerings to the right customers with the right messaging. Companies that offer the travel content their target demographic wants are more likely to encourage ancillary bookings.

We’ve done the research for you.

Our latest report – Picking up Profits: Key Consumer Insights to Drive Travel Attachment – reveals travel consumer demographics, booking patterns, motivations and objections, as well as how travel brands should use that data to optimize content and increase ancillary attachments. For key consumer travel data to help increase ancillary travel attachment rates, download our full report below.


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