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INFOGRAPHIC: Inside the American ancillary travel market

Ancillary travel inventory – the add-ons available to consumers during and after the point of purchase – presents a real opportunity for brands to not only drive revenue, but also to deepen their relationship with consumers by presenting personalized offers. In our most recent survey of American online travel bookers, we learned that 21 percent have not made an ancillary purchase in the past, but would be interested in doing so on future bookings. 

Getting customers to make this first purchase is critical because according to our survey findings, once they’ve taken this first step, they’re highly likely to do so again on future online travel purchases. While the numbers vary across content categories, respondents who purchased a hotel stay as an add-on indicated a 78 percent likelihood of doing so on future purchases. 

How can brands encourage this purchase behavior? It starts with a smart segmentation strategy and understanding what content categories your key audiences are most likely to purchase. 

Take a look at our ancillary travel infographic to begin learning what types of travel add-ons most interest your audiences. Some key findings:

  • Based on past purchase behaviors, Millennials are most likely to add on hotels and flights, along with experience-oriented ancillary products such as dining, tours and concerts.
  • Considering future purchases, Gen Xers say they would most likely spend on hotels, rental cars, flights and baggage fees. They’re also open to adding on seat upgrades and theme park tickets.
  • In addition to hotels and rental cars, Boomers are receptive to adding on practical purchases such as baggage fees, seat upgrades, flights and travel insurance.

Our infographic also explores the opportunity gap in the demographics and categories with the greatest gap potential. That gap is the differences between what travel purchasers said they were likely to do and what they had actually done. It’s where the sales opportunity exists to market ancillary products and drive additional revenue.

Click here to download and save a copy of the infographic. To access the full report including key takeaways on when to promote these offerings and how best to position them, click here.

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