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One-stop shop for all things ancillary travel and loyalty rewards

Who doesn’t love an arsenal of information at their fingertips? Over the years, Connexions Loyalty has generated a plethora of information – everything from understanding consumers’ preferences to helping brands combat the growing threat of loyalty fraud.

In an effort to better serve you, we pulled together a one-stop shop for all of our premium content, in one easy-to-find place.


Due to the nature of the industry, marketers need to know how to do a lot of things – from increasing customer engagement to managing threats to their loyalty program (and its bottom line). The resources below help companies better arm themselves with the information they need to create the most ironclad, successful programs possible.


Whether you’re in the travel industry or you represent a financial institution with a robust loyalty program, understanding how consumers behave when it comes to purchasing travel can affect your bottom line. The resources below dive into the attitudes and behaviors of travelers, helping you make smarter decisions as you plan out your ancillary offerings, your marketing segmentation strategies and overall program decisions.


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