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how a travel industry leader prioritizes customer experience while saving millions

Prioritizing customer experience and saving millions

The Company

An international travel industry leader was looking for a simple-to-use and innovative idea to mitigate customer service disruptions while maintaining the trust and loyalty of its customers.

The Challenge

Non-weather-related travel delays, a poor travel experience or disruptions are highly inconvenient and have the potential to end a once-strong brand relationship. Historically, travel brands would offer vouchers as a means for apology, but receiving more of something that has already caused disappointment isn’t necessarily the most logical way to make amends.

The Solution

  • Provide customer service representatives with a branded tool – a white-labeled version of our MotivEngine product – that seamlessly integrates into existing technology enables team members to offer a goodwill gesture to affected passengers
  • Offer gift cards tailored to a variety of customer situations (e.g. customer membership status, the financial implications of the incident, etc.), making the gesture feel more authentic
  • Empower the customer to select from a list of offerings, helping increase the usage rate to 85 percent – a 25 percentage point increase.

The Results

  • In addition to praise from happy customers on social media, the travel leader catapulted from #11 to #2 in one of the industry’s most comprehensive studies of performance and quality
  • The program was extended beyond its initial call-center application to assist on-site customer service representatives in 300 locations worldwide. Representatives used the tool to proactively motivate customers to adjust travel arrangements prior to a forced service disruption. 
  • The organization reduced its average individual compensation value by around $30 – bettering its bottom line by nearly $20 million


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