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Report: Key factors influencing the airline travel industry

The airline industry is a growing, changing global marketplace. Each year, companies create new ways to enhance customer experience and boost revenue to remain competitive. According to a recent report, industry experts believe 2015 will be no exception.

Late last year, Airline Information, a globally recognized leader in commercial aviation conferences, hosted its 5th annual Mega Event, where hundreds of executives from the airline, travel and loyalty industries met to discuss the future of the industry. As a result, Flying Forward: What the Future Holds for Airlines and the Travel Industry was published.

Our own SVP Chuck Christianson attended the event, and shared his thoughts on the future of customer experience and brand loyalty in the report.

“Years ago, an airline flight was a highlight of the overall travel experience. Then 15-20 years ago, the model began to change. In an effort to improve profitability, airlines took away some of the things that were really great about the experience. People spend so much time thinking about travel, planning travel, and then going on the trip and sharing memories about the trip afterward,” Chuck stated in the report.

Those customer experiences are important, and many airlines need to understand that their point of interaction spans well beyond the flight itself, Chuck said.

Top industry executives also believe a few key factors will have great influence on airlines in 2015 and beyond, including:

  • Improved passenger experience
  • Streamlined technologies
  • A continued and re-energized focus on revenue
  • Continued growth of mobile payments
  • Enhanced loyalty

According to the report, loyalty programs are expanding beyond just miles-as-points programs to focus on the kinds of rewards and benefits consumers want and can earn from a number of transactions and interactions. We agree. We also believe offering consumers a suite of tangible, ancillary rewards helps not only maintain brand loyalty, but also generate customer satisfaction, and in turn, revenue.

Download the full report, Flying Forward: What the Future Holds for Airlines and the Travel Industry, to learn more about 2015 trends and predictions for data, revenue, technology, loyalty from Airline Information and ThinkInk.

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