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VIDEO – Increase ancillary travel attachments among Millennials

To help brands increase ancillary travel attachments, Connexions Loyalty partnered with research company Ipsos to survey a specific demographic: Millennials.

Millennial customers are more inclined than any other demographic to purchase travel add-ons when making an online travel purchase. In fact, Millennials purchase travel add-ons one out of every three travel purchases.

But, if your brand isn’t offering the right travel inventory, it’s missing a major revenue opportunity.

To increase ancillary travel purchases, brands must understand:

  • The types of travel experiences Millennials favor
  • How Millennials differ from other generations
  • Which travel ancillaries Millennials are most – and least – likely to attach

Chief Commercial Officer Chuck Christianson explains more about Millennials’ ancillary purchase preferences and which content offerings are most likely to increase travel add-ons in our latest video.



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