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Video toolkit: Ancillary travel, loyalty rewards and incentives

You may not know this, but Connexions Loyalty produces premium video content for those of us who prefer to watch and listen when gathering new ancillary travel and loyalty program information.

Similar to what we’ve done with our downloadable content, in an effort to better serve you, here is a one-stop shop for accessing all of our video content, all in one place.


Loyalty program managers need to know how to do a variety of things within their organization. Not only are they responsible for strategizing customer-recovery processes, they also may be tasked with understanding loyalty fraud and analyzing program metrics to help gauge their overall health. These video resources provide a wealth of information to help managers run successful programs for their organizations.

The art of apologizing

The power of choice

Is your customer recovery effective?

The true cost of loyalty fraud

What loyalty means to us

Case Study: Protecting customers against loyalty fraud

Using data to promote rewards spend

9 loyalty program metrics brands should track

Art of loyalty series (Part one – Part five)


Maybe you’re a member of the travel industry, or maybe you run a large, robust loyalty program that has a travel focus – no matter how you got here, the world of travel comes with nuances and pain points that are unique and industry-specific. These videos are full of data that hit on the attitudes and behaviors of travelers, which can help you make more informed decisions about your ancillary offerings and your overall program decisions.

Millennials: What they want when it comes to travel attachments

Target Millennials to increase ancillary travel attachments

Surprising results from the latest survey of Americans’ ancillary travel purchase behavior


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